"It's like a war zone," Storm Survivor Says; Tornadoes Tear through Nebraska

ELKHORN, Neb. (KPTM)- There are stories of damage and destruction all over the Omaha area after storms over the weekend. However, there are also stories of survival, like that of Cliff Karthouser. "It's like a war zone, it's like somebody lit a big bomb off inside, it's incredible," said Karthouser. Karthouser's roof was blown off of his home in Elkhorn while he and his wife were downstairs Sunday night. "Probably 15 minutes into that, it sounded like a locomotive coming through the property," said Karthouser. Karthouser said after he heard the roof blow off, he walked upstairs and saw that everything was gone. He said he quickly helped his wife and dog out of the house. "I didn't know what else may be coming down, beams, part of our roof is a block and a half away," said Karthouser. Karthouser said his home is destroyed and he will have rebuild, but is happy that he and his family made it out safely. "The intensity of the story, it just, until you are in it- you can't describe it," said Karthouser. He said that 20 minutes after his roof blew off, dozens of neighbors were helping him grab pictures and other important things out of the house.