Junk Food Won't Keep You Warm, But Healthier Options Could

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's the biggest snowstorm of the season and last minute shoppers make their run to the grocery store.

"I'm out of food and I don't want to be stuck at home for days without anything to eat," said Samuel Bloomer while shopping at Wohlner's in Midtown.

Bloomer isn't the only one stocking up for the snow days. Of course, buying the essentials, like bread and milk, are on the list, but many tend to go for something a little more comforting--like junk food.

"When it's cold out, you know, you want to eat the things that are fatty to build that fat up, hibernate for the winter," said Bloomer.

Nutritionists said it's easy to fall off of the health wagon in weather like this. That's why it's important to keep healthy choices in stock like warm tea and meat.

"Shouldn't change anything from their regular diet. Their regular diet is probably the best thing they should do, you know? And keep it high in proteins, vegetables, fruits," said Mark Sullivan, manager and fitness expert at LA Fitness.

If chicken is on the menu, try adding a little bit of cayenne pepper to it. Nutritionists said this is a natural way to keep your body warm. The same goes for cinnamon. You can add the extra spice to your oatmeal.

"If you're getting that all the way into your blood stream, then you're also increasing your body temperature and you start feeling that heat from the inside out," said Sullivan.

Soups are also good to keep you warm, but Sullivan said it's important to stay away from creamy soups because those can be high in calories.

Bloomer said he's usually a pretty healthy eater, but with weather like this and an empty fridge he's just looking to survive.

"Whatever. I'm hungry so It's kind of whatever I walk by that looks good," said Bloomer.

Nutritionists also suggest drinking tea instead of hot chocolate. Tea has less sugar and calories and won't make you feel as sluggish. If you're snowed in for a couple of days, nutritionists said try doing an at home workout for at least 15 minutes. Walking up and down your stairs could be an idea. This could help burn more calories than just sitting on the couch.