Douglas County Attorney: Two Omaha Officers Charged in Seward Arrest

OMAHA (KPTM) - Two of four Omaha Police officers fired for an arrest caught on video in March face charges, one faces a felony tampering charge.

Former Officer James Kinsella is charged with felony tampering with evidence and misdemeanor obstruction and theft.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says Kinsella removed the memory card from the phone Juaquez Johnson used to shoot video of an officer who held his brother Octavious down, and threw it away in front of other officers.

Former Sgt. Aaron Von Behren is charged with two misdemeanor counts of accessory to a felony and obstruction.

Four officers were fired after an OPD investigation after video of a March 21 arrest was released on YouTube.

The former officer seen holding Octavious Johnson down and later hitting him repeatedly is not being charged. Kleine says Bradley Canterbury will not be charged based on the opinions of national experts.

Kleine says Octavious admitted that he tried to get up when Canterbury released pressure on him. A tow truck driver who was also there said Octavious was combative and had yelled to Juaquez to "shoot these fools".

Kleine named a fourth former officer in the incident. Justin Reeve was not charged.

Kleine says he supports Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer's decision to fire all four.

Octavious and Juaquez also face obstruction charges in the incident. A third brother, Demetrius, has been charged with obstruction.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer released a statement shortly after Kleine's remarks.

"Althoughthis is a difficult day for the Omaha Police Department, we are appreciative ofour working relationship with the Douglas County Attorney's Office and havefully cooperated with his investigation.

Inregards to the criminal investigation, Don Kleine will be the sole source ofinformation while Chief Schmaderer will continue to focus on the on-goinginternal investigation. Two officers remain on administrative leavepending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigations.

'Thisis a difficult day for the Omaha Police Department, but I support Don Klein'scharging decision 100 percent,' says Chief Todd Schmaderer. 'As I havesaid before, the actions by some officers at 33rd and Seward do notreflect the professionalism demonstrated by personnel of the Omaha PoliceDepartment on a daily basis.'"

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