Kid Groundskeeper Spends Valuable Time With His Father

OMAHA (KPTM)- You could call him grasshopper; not only because he learns from a mentor, in this case, it's his father, but also,at TD Ameritrade park, he hops around the grass with grace.

"Do you like helping daddy? Yes," said Dan Blank and his 3 year old son Reece.

He drives circles around most three year olds. You will see him driving a tiny tractor around the ball park if you go to a Creighton baseball game.

He probably knows more about tamping a mound and keeping grass green than most as well.

Reece Blank is the son of TD Ameritrade park's head grounds keeper.

"He picked up driving it all by himself. A little nervous as first, but after a while he got on it and he's a natural," said Dan Blank

"I think it's a lot of fun being out here with him. I hope some day he appreciates it too."

For now it's all about earning the chance to tamp the mound and ride his tractor around the park.

"He gets to go in nice weather and when he's good at home he gets to come out. And when he's good for mom during the day," said Blank

"He loves playing football and baseball and hockey, he plays hockey in the living room all the time. Don't you."

He also likes spending time with dad.