Kids Attack Graffiti Problem

OMAHA (KPTM)- It is not your typical spring cleaning. It's one of several events the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance puts on every year. This one is designed to clean up graffiti. Middle school kids from several Omaha Public Schools, who had the day off from school, spent the morning armed with brushes, spray paint cans, trash bags, and elbow grease to clean up Lynch Park near 23rd and Martha Streets in South Omaha. "We're going to do this year after year until we get this problem resolved," said Crystal Rhoades, South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance. My mindset is to help others instead of thinking about my own fun," said Katai Henry, 8th grade student. She is one of two dozen kids who signed up through Creighton University's TRiO program, which helps kids get on an early track for college. "The City of Omaha budgets 600 thousand dollars annually for cleaning up graffiti," said Rhoades. The Kids help to offset some of the cost by volunteering. "They can wrap their arms around this and say we cleaned up that area. If I were in those shoes, that would make me feel good and as the Council person, I'm elated," said Garry Gernandt, Omaha City Council Member, who helped clean the park as well. "You don't want kids to see foul language or drawings. It's very important to get that cleaned up so they have a clean and safe place to play," said Rhoades. Any organization can help the alliance. Contact Crystal Rhoades at if you would like to volunteer on an upcoming clean up activity.