Kids Prompt State Senator's Bill To Require Tornado Drills in Schools

OMAHA (KPTM)- Nebraska schools are not required to perform Tornado Drills. It's a truth that a group of Millard children though was not right.

So, as part of their Science Club's requirements, they were required to come up with a problem and a solution.

"We chose tornados," said Rachel Dolan of Future Bot Innovators, a national science program.

The problem is the lack of required tornado drills in schools.

The solution.

"Make it a law because it's unsafe for kids," said Andrew Dolan, 5th grader.

They are already on their way. It currently a bill, LB741, introduced by Senator John Murante, District 49.

"The kids brought it to me as their State Senator and I was happy they brought it to my attention and happy to introduce it on their behalf," said Murante.

"States near us all had laws and we didn't. So we had to do something to change that because those states are basically safer than we are," said Rachel Dolan.

"Safety is very important across our district," said Brad Dahl, Ralston Public Schools.

"We currently do multiple fire, tornado, and bus evacuation drills annually and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our students and staff,"

The kids from Millard could be responsible for making all state school districts even safer.

"If this becomes a law, I will be proud that I had a part in it. That's so cool," said Rachel Dolan

The law would require three mandatory tornado drills at all schools each school year.