La Vista Creek Project Near End

La Vista, Nebraska (KPTM)- One of the Omaha area's most flood prone places is getting some more help. La Vista has been hit hard over the years when the Thompson creek floods. City Engineers have been working for 25 years to fix things, and as of Tuesday, it is down to the last parts of the project. "It's a really big conglomerate of wires," said Jody Noonan. It's hard to count how many power lines run through Jody Noonan's yard. "There's one over here, one over there," Noonan pointed out. Noonan said it's easy to mix up power lines and tree branches, and when storms hit she can hear the wires and branches snap and crackle. "One tree was one fire, a lot of times the lights have gone out," said Noonan. Power lines run all up and down Thompson Creek in La Vista. The next step in the big project will be moving the utility poles around. "If they could get rid of that, that'd be great," said Noonan. La Vista city engineers said that they have stabilized the creek beds for flood control, and the next step will be moving utility poles around in the summer. "They've tagged some of the trees," said Noonan. City engineers told FOX 42 that after the utility poles are moved, they will go in and plant trees and bushes to help fight erosion. Engineers said the cost of moving the poles is more expensive than previously planned, so they won't be able to do the entire area. "Hopefully this year, they'll get it completed," said Noonan. The project cost $2.7 million and should be completed by fall of 2015.