Largest Case Of Copper Theft In Omaha This Year

Melina Matthes

OMAHA (KPTM)- Police are looking for the crooks who stole thousands ofdollars worth of copper from an Omaha shopping mall. Detectivessaid this is the largest case of copper theft they've seen this year.

Omaha police said thieves have been stealing radiators,specifically air conditioning units that have copper coil inside them.

And this time the crooks found their way on top of theCrossroads Mall on Dodge Street and 72nd Street.

"They put up an extension ladder and then from therethey can get up on higher roofs and that's how they got up onto the roof,"said Bill Fell an Omaha Police Department detective.

Detective Fell said they stole more than 300 feet of copper,which is the biggest copper theft in Omaha this year.

He said it took the thieves several hours, and he worriesthey could be back again.

Thecrooks caused nearly $102,000.00 in damage, said Detective Fell.

Fell saidhe is now trying to track where the copper ends up.

HaroldEdelman is the owner of Ganeeden Metal and said thieves know better than to cometo his shop.

"These people know that if they bring us stolen merchandise,it's just a matter of time that they're going to get caught," saidEldelman.

Edelman said anyone that brings copper into his shop has tofill out a form, which includes your personal information and fingerprints.

Then each week he sends the forms to the Council BluffsPolice Department.

DetectiveFell said security at the Crossroads Mall has been strengthened and Omahapolice are now monitoring the area continuously.

He encourages anyone who sees suspicious activity in area tocontact authorities immediately.