Latest Scam Targets Netflix Customers

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Scam artists are after Netflix account users . So, that means all of Netflix's 40.4 million global customers are targets.

University of Nebraska-Omaha student Nicole Schroeder logs on to her Netflix account to escape the pressures of college.

"It's really great during my down time. My friends and I watch it on the weekends as like a way to hang out together and spend time together," said Schroeder.

That is probably the same way millions of other subscribers use their accounts. However, it's the reason why scammers are after them.

"This is high level crime that's taking advantage of Americans every single day, these phishing schemes," said president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Omaha, Jim Hegarty.

The notice may look legitimate, but it's actually what has been fooling customers. The page is modeled just like the Netflix login page and appears as an email, pop up or ad. It claims that the customer's account is suspended for "unauthorized use." It also gives a fake 800 number for customers to call.

"You're going to be speaking to the perpetrators of this scam. They're going to ask you for remote access to your computer. If you give that to them, lots of bad things can happen to you," said Hegarty.

Hegarty said the scammers can hack into your computer, stealing any personal information on it. This could be your credit card information, bank accounts or even your identity.

"The scammers sort of socially engineer their victims and they're very, very good at understanding what's important to Americans and then leveraging that to take advantage of us," said Hegarty.

Schroeder hasn't come across the scam yet, but said if she does she'll know not to fall into the trap.

"My mom's told me a lot about different scams like that before so I'm definitely cautious not to give in unless I know it's legitimate," she said.

The BBB suggests never giving any personal information unless you are the one making the call. That includes your social security, credit card, or driver's license numbers. The BBB said if you feel like you are being scammed write down the phone number the thief is calling from and tell them you will call back. This is to get the scammer off of the phone. Then, call The BBB and report that number and the name of the business the scammers claim to represent.