Latino Vote Could Decide Omaha Mayoral Race

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - As Omaha's mayoral race heats up, it's becoming clear that every vote will count.

"We don't know that we want to vote for Mayor Suttle, but we also don't know Jean Stothert," said political activist Ben Salazar.

In South Omaha, the Latino community will be an important x-factor. The latest census shows the ethnic group now makes up more than 13 percent of Omaha's population. Salazar says it's because of this that Latino support can't be taken for granted.

"Across Nebraska and across this country Latinos are actually having a big impact on who gets elected to particular offices," said Salazar. "Whoever does the best at being aware of the issues that drive Latinos to the ballot box will win."

For some South Omaha residents, they may not know which way they'll vote, but they've already got some of those issues in mind.

"I think the mayor, whoever that may be, should be more involved in our community," said voter Gustavo Camacho.

Experts believe it's the type of input that could sway the race, scheduled for a May 14th vote, one way or another.