Lime Shortage Has Omaha Restaurant Getting Creative

OMAHA(KPTM)-Imagine a Mexican dish or drink without the lime. It's not easy. But restaurants in Omaha are having to get creative as the fruit is in short supply. For Guaca Maya, a Mexican restaurant in South Omaha, it means adding more lemons to the mix.

It's the last thing restaurant manager Aron Espino thought he'd have to cut. "Pretty much everything we serve has a lime on it, so we have them here all around," said Espino. But over the past three weeks, Espino says he's seen more lemons from the bar to the kitchen. "We used to have limes right here for the tacos, with all of the meals that require a lime, but we just don't have it anymore. We just have lemons in pieces, and we use it instead," said Espino.

That glass of water - it won't come with a lime either. For now Espino is using lemons as a garnish for most of the food and drinks served at the restaurant. But there are times you must use a lime. "We need to save them for the things we really need to use them for," said Espino. Things like guacamole and Mexican beer.

A shipment of quality limes today is good news for the restaurant and Espino. But a large box won't be enough to meet all of the restaurant's needs. So for now, a lemon garnish is par for the course.

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