Local Boxer Wins World Championship Title

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- The champ is here and back in Omaha. A local boxer brings home a world championship title after beating his opponent in Scotland over the weekend.

Omaha hasn't had a world title holder in about 100 years. The judges made a unanimous decision to crown him the victor.

Local fans have already dubbed Terence Crawford the best fighter in Nebraska. Now, he's the best in the world. He proved himself in his championship fight Saturday, to become the new lightweight title holder in the World Boxing Organization.

"It's just like all the hard work paid off, you know? My dream finally came true," said Crawford.

His dreams started at a young age. Crawford began fighting for his first big title back in 2006. He said his journey through the years was tough, but even back then he knew he was destined for success.

He said his win is just the thing local fighters need to stay motivated.

"Omaha always had the talent. They always had a lot of top fighters but they never had that extra push to keep them boxing, you know? They would always give up like it was no hope," said Crawford.

With his new title, Crawford hopes to inspire young people to fight for their dreams--just as he did.

"Posing my will and fighting my fight and getting the job done," said Crawford.

Omaha City Council awarded Crawford a key to the city Tuesday. City officials proclaimed March 4th as "Terence Crawford Day" in his honor.

Crawford said he's taking it easy right now after his win, but will soon be training just as hard to prepare for his next big fight. He said the match is scheduled to happen around June or July.