Local Business Owner Helps Omaha Mayor With Job Growth Plan

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - More jobs may be coming to a community near you thanks to the help of some small business owners.

On Tuesday, Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle concluded his "Omaha's Working" Jobs Tour after spending the past four months meeting with local business owners about their vision for job growth.

In South Omaha, Bere's Child Care owner Martha Mora was one of 40 leaders asked to participate. In her community, she sees a lot of people struggling to find work, so when the mayor asked for her input she jumped at the opportunity.

"People are losing their jobs easier than before," said Mora. "It affects us because a lot of people come to us and tell us they don't have a job right now."

With that in mind, Mora relayed to the mayor her recommendation for job growth.

"With more industries like warehouses and manufacturing people would have more opportunities to work. I also think more should be done to connect our youth with jobs."

It's the kind of goal that business owners like Mora strive for, and they don't plan to rest until it happens.

For his part, Mayor Suttle says he plans to form a Business Advisory Council. It will work together with his office and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce in an effort to come up with more job growth ideas.