Local Businesses Give Shoppers an Alternative to Black Friday

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- Over one hundred million people nationally did it last year, and business owners are hoping that numbers will only go up this year.

No, we're not talking about 'Black Friday.'

A day sandwiched between two of the biggest shopping days of the year has business owners thinking small to make big dollars.

"We call 'Black Friday' Big Red Friday here," said Husker Hounds owner, Scott Strunc.

A Husker win Friday, and Strunc hopes, a small business win this Saturday.

"We work really hard on what we do-take a lot of pride in it," said Strunc.

Pride, that's being promoted nationally with 'Shop Small Business Saturday.'

American Express started the day two years ago, to help small businesses compete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

Businesses all over the Omaha area are offering discounts Saturday. Strunc said the reason behind it, to keep money in Nebraska. "Soon as somebody spends that dollar here, I'm spending it right back at another local business."

Dan Mortensen was shopping for Christmas gifts Friday, and was taking advantage of the discount at Strunc's store. "I shop locally, I don't do a lot on the Internet unless I can't find it locally," said Mortensen.

He said, he focuses on local businesses to help local people out. "Because, it keeps out money within out own businesses. It increases our employment," said Mortensen.

"I was born red, I am living red, and I'll die red," laughed Strunc.

Strunc said he's just hoping he won't be seeing red when he's ringing up sales Saturday.

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