Local Diver Coaches Stars In Fox Reality Show

Curt Casper

Fremont (KPTM) - Nancy Haas and her husband are huge fans ofdiving, in fact they have been all over the world watching divers jump off thehigh dive.

Haas' son, Kevin McMahon, is a national championship diver.He was close to competing in the Australian Olympics.

"We had bought the tickets already so we went to Australiato watch the diving there you know," she said, "We just felt so bad for him,just felt so bad for him."

Kevin McMahon is now a filmmaker living in California, buthis mother told Fox 42 he always had the urge to get back in the water.

Kevin got the chance when he became a coach for Fox's newReality TV Show Stars in Danger. Eight stars, like Terrell Owens, competed in adiving competition Wednesday Night. The stars were shown belly flopping theirway to the title.

Nancy Haas and the rest of her family gathered around thetelevision to watch her son.

"Even if he doesn't win, we will be excited to see himon television," she said.