Local Musician Has A Chance To Perform At Grammy's

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- A local musician is near the top in a contest that could send her to the Grammy's. She's asking for the support of her hometown to get her there.

"I remember those better days, when kids used to could go out and play. But not no more, cuz there's drive-by's everyday. So many innocent lives been taken away, so I just get up on my knees and pray," rapped local rap artist and contest hopeful, Chafone "Chiffy" Wallace.

Those lyrics have taken Chiffy a long way. She's traveled across the nation performing on stages like this as the opening act for famous rap artists like Ludacris and Akon.

"This is my heart, my dream. I'ma follow it until I can't anymore, until my legs don't move," said Chiffy.

She'll need her legs and lots of energy for a performance thousands of rappers are hoping to grab. Chiffy's manager entered her into a contest for a chance to perform at the 2013 Grammy's. And right now, it looks like the chances of her winning are very high.

"This might be my break that I can get, you knowI'm just trying to stay humble and not get over excited and just keep working hard," said Chiffy. "They believed in me more than I did when I was running the streets doing everything else. So I feel like I owe it to them, to everybody."

Chiffy said she's climbing her way to the top of the unsigned artists hip-hop category. Right now, she's the number one hip-hop artist nationally and number eight regionally. She has to clinch the number one spot regionally to make it to the Grammy's. And that's where she said every vote counts.

"No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what color you are we all have to come together and this could be something positive," said Chiffy.

She's constantly on her laptop checking her rank in the contest.

"If I set this example for other people then a lot of kids can get off these streets and try to do something positive if they know the city will actually come out and back them," she said.

Hoping this gig of a lifetime will reunite her city and get back to those better days.

"So ask yourself, is everything really ok? Cuz every night I pray hoping for a better day," she rapped.

Voting ends Thursday, but there is still time left. Anyone can vote up to ten times for a musician. Chiffy recommends those who want to vote for her to visit her Facebook page.