Looks Important for Dating this Valentines Day?

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - Tuesdayis Valentine's Day and most people will be trying to find thatperfect gift for their sweetheart. Others are simply looking forlove. So how important are looks when it comes to finding a soulmate?

Teresa Plamann spent the whole daygetting ready for her big blind date. When she first met Steve shenever expected it to turn into something quite like it did.

"To me they are the most handsomeperson in the world, they are somebody that is beautiful, because Ifeel it is what is on the inside to me," she said.

But the two didn't fall in love inthe typical modern way. They used the company E-Love, which is amodern day matchmaker.

Angie Harris, an e-love matchmaker,said, "I am not a surgeon and I am not saving lives. We arecreating lives."

E-love uses matchmakers both in personand online to help connect people looking for love. And they neversolely rely on looks when setting up a couple.

As the matchmakers told Fox 42 Newssolely relying on looks isn't the right way to fall in love.

"Time passes and you are notcompatible you have nothing else to go on," Harris said.

Harris said if you are looking for lovethis Valentines Day to give matchmaking a try.

You can connect with a matchmaking by calling the Omaha e-lovecompany at (402)399-8281 or visit them at 13304 West Center Road in Omaha.