Lost Dog: Pet Gets Loose As Owner Is Wheeled Into Ambulance

OMAHA (kptm) - Imagine your pet getting loose and not being able to find it. That's what one Omaha family is currently going through. They said their dog tried chasing after its owner who was in an ambulance heading to the hospital. Now they're asking the community to keep their eyes open. Knuckles is a 7-year-old Maltese; he was let out through the back door when medics were here helping the owner. She was suffering from an epileptic seizure. Her significant other said Knuckles means the world to her. She wants him back."That's her companion. She can't work because of her epilepsy and he alerts her when she starts going into seizures. So this is not just a pet it's a kind of working dog and it really alerts us and alerts other people around the house that she might be having a seizure or she is seizing, so it's really important. Really, really important for her as well as the rest of us, the kids, me to have our dog back," Jason Haupt said.Knuckles has been missing since last Thursday when Caryl was having multiple seizures. He said several medics and police officers were inside the home and someone accidentally let him out. He believes Knuckles ran through the yard trying to get to Caryl. "I think he got scared. They were all wrapped around Caryl and I think it got scared for Caryl."He said he's driven everywhere searching for the dog. He's talked with neighbors as well as both the Omaha and Council Bluffs humane societies and no one has seen Knuckles. He believes someone picked him up."He's such a cute little dog. He's only about six inches tall and he's friendly. He's not an outdoor dog. He gets scared when the wind blows and it's been thundering and lightning. He curls in a corner when itthere's just no way he's outside right now, I just can't see it."It's been seven days since Knuckles first disappeared and the family said they're still holding on to hope that they can be reunited again. They ask anyone that may have seen Knuckles to contact them. If you have seen Knuckles or know where he is, call Jason at 402-999-5324. To see other lost pets in the area visit or