Lost Therapy Dog Reunited With Owner

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's the kind of reunion that can melt anyheart.

"He's my best friend, I don't want to cry," said YolandaKynard.

On Wednesday, Kynard was anxiously waiting at the NebraskaHumane Society.

She has a couple of things to be nervous about; herdaughter, Paula Hunt, is a contestant on American Idol and she lost her2-year-old therapy dog Tuesday.

"It was just like he disappeared," said Kynard.

Kynard has multiple sclerosis, or MS. She said her ChihuahuaCleveland has been her constant companion.

"We're thick as thieves-we're inseparable. And I think afterthis, we're going to be a lot more inseparable," said Kynard.

She said she was coming home from Lincoln Tuesday whenCleveland may have gotten out of her car. She said she had stopped to picksomeone up, and he may have left to go to the bathroom.

"We were hysterical," said Kynard.

She said they found him after her family member checked thelost-and-found section under the Nebraska Humane Society.

"I can't wait to see those little teeny little paws," saidKynard.

When Cleveland made his appearance, Kynard couldn't stopfrom smiling and crying.

"You're so beautiful, I missed you!" said Kynard.

Officials at the humane society said when you lose a petmake sure to first file a report online or in person.

Also, make sure to check the lost-and-found web site becauseevery stray that is found is photographed.

Written By: Maureen Wurtz