Loved Ones of Crash Victim Need Your Help

Meghan McRoberts


Most couple in their 20's are looking ahead to marriage, maybe even children. But one Iowa couple is facing a tough battle after a devastating accident.

Now, they're asking for a little help from the community to move forward.

"It's day by day," said 26- year old Josh Cox's girlfriend, Megan Tyler. Cox was seriously injured in a car accident in Mondamin, IA.

"He's doing great, it really helps seeing him do so well and keep his spirits up," Tyler continued.

On Aug. 5th, Tyler said Cox was at a friend's house. Tyler met up with him after work. Eventually, they decided to go home, driving separately. Tyler says Cox left just a matter of seconds before she did, and she saw his accident. "I knew it had to be him. His truck was on its side facing the opposite way we were going," explained Tyler.

Cox was life-flighted to Creighton University Medical Center. Meanwhile, emotions ran high for Tyler. She worried,"What's going on, the whole time, is he alive?"

Cox broke his neck and bruised his spine among multiple other injuries. He's paralyzed from the chest down and lost all sensation. He's been going through rehabilitation for weeks at The Madonna Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln.

Tyler says Cox still has his sense of humor. But one thing she knows will change is their life after treatment. "There's a lot of things we have to plan for now, too: Home modifications, stair lifts, lowering countertops."

Neither are working now, and the medical bills are piling up. "What are we going to do about our home, a van, and home equipment to help him get around the house," worried Tyler.

To raise money, Tyler is hoping to see a large crowd at a fundraiser in October.

Cox's loved ones have planned a spaghetti dinner for Oct. 6th at 5pm in Missouri Valley at the Eagle Club. There will also be a raffle, music, and prizes.

You can also donate money at the following website.