M-U-D Customers Struggle Paying High Bills

OMAHA (KPTM)- The coldest January this century is part of the reason energy bills are going up.

"This winter is 20% colder than last winter," said Tracey Christensen, Metropolitan Utilities District Spokesperson.

The cold temperatures and the rising cost of natural gas nationwide has caused M-U-D to raise bills.

"It's virtually impossible to keep up and still be able to have heat," said Johnny Kazia, M-U-D customer.

"When you have a family and you struggle to feed your kids and pay the bills, it's hard," added Buay Coach, another M-U-D customer.

"You have no choice, you have to pay it. I might have to get another job pretty soon here," said Jesus Sanchez.

M-U-D says it offers a budget plan that will keep bills the same price every month. It also says people can call M-U-D to try to work out a payment plan if customers are struggling to pay their bills.