Maintenance Work: City Removing Trees at Seymour Smith Park

Paul GutierrezOMAHA (KPTM) - Some big changes at a local park are causing some people to cry foul.Maintenance at Seymour Smith Park means crews are cutting down trees in an effort to prevent a creek from causing flood problems down the road."The area down there had been overgrown, so we needed to do something about it," said Brook Bench, parks director for the City of Omaha.Bench told FOX 42 News Tuesday the goal is to meet important safety standards with the help of the Natural Resources District. Even so, some regulars to the park see the work as an eyesore."I'm sure in the end it will all work out," said T.J. Sucher. "It's kind of sad more than anything though. I mean the trees were here to begin with they should have stayed here."Repairs don't end there."The bridge had been rotting, so we have actually ordered a new bridge," said Bench. "That should be here later this Summer."Something already at the park is a new skeet range and clubhouse. At a cost of about $2,000, you could say phase one is complete."It's becoming more and more popular," said Bench. "We have several hundred kids from Millard schools and prep who take part in skeet shooting. Marian also has a shooting team."As for phase two, a little more patience is required. The parks department says work should wrap up by the end of Summer, but that all depends on the weather.
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