Major Omaha Drug Ring Busted

© Wanted by the FBI

Nicole Ebat

OMAHA(KPTM)--A 36 hour sweep of the city busted a major Omaha drug ring, resulting in 11 arrests and the FBI says it's still looking for four more people.

It was all part of a joint task force between several federal agencies and local police forces including Bellevue, Omaha and Carter Lake police.

"We all got together and realized we had a common target and we joined forces," said Weysan Dun, Special Agent from Omaha's FBI division.

The operation started a year ago and involved undercover investigations, wiretaps and surveillance.

In all the bust brought in three guns, cocaine and five pounds of methamphetamines.

A representative from the Drug Enforcement Agency says a quarter pound of meth goes for about $6,000 in Omaha--making the amount brought in off the streets worth about $120,000.

Dun says the meth was of such high quality, it came straight from the original distributor--likely in either the Southwest or Mexico.

They believe this ring is where much of the meth found in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa comes from.

The FBI is still looking for four people:

Jaime Garcia, 28

Leslie Rodriguez, 38

Alex Partida, 23

Miguel Angel Torres-Ochoa,24

These individuals are considered armed and dangerous. If you see them, do not approach--call police. If you have any information, call the FBI at 402-493-8688. You can remain anonymous.