Man Accused of Beating Teenage Girl Appears in Court

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - An Omaha man who has been in and out of jail forviolence was back in court Thursday.

20-year-old Dionte Dortch is accused of beating a 17-year-old girlafter she refused to stop hanging out with a group of girls.

The teen's mother, Barbara Robinson said her daughter was walkingwith a group of girls when Dortch walked up to her and told her the girls were affiliatedwith a different gang than his. Dortch told the teen to stop hanging with them.When she refused, Robinson said, Dortch struck her and threw her to theconcrete.

The girl's collarbone was broken and she is currently recovering inthe hospital.

"I think that men who assault women are cowards," Robinson said.

The Douglas County Department of Corrections was the last placeRobinson wanted to be Thursday, but she was determined to make sure Dortch didnot get off.

"It really saddens me, but also, I always try to look to thegood of things. So I want people to know that you have to stand up."

Robinson was referring to people who witness and have leads oncrimes that occur, but refuse to report what they know to police because offear or desires to continue living street lifestyles.

Her daughter will have 12 to 14 weeks of recovery, six weeks ofhealing and six weeks of therapy due to the incident.

Robinson said her daughter's friends tried convincing her not toreport the assault, but Robinson said doing that would allow Dortch to continuehis violent acts.

Dortch served 65 days of a 90-day sentence for third-degree assaultin March 2013.

"He's a terror in the community."

Robinson said, this time, she was prepared to make sure Dortchserved time for what he did to her daughter and she hoped witnesses will speakup if the incident goes to court.

"If you become a victim, don't continue to be victimized," shecontinued. "If you see your friend as a victim, don't continue to bevictimized. Stand up because we have to put a stop to it one way oranother."

Dortch pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday. His bail was set at$50,000. He is expected to appear in court on April 21st.