Man Confesses to More Than a Dozen Robberies

Meghan McRoberts


Just days after police say he completed his final robbery of 14, 21-year-old Deon Steward spilled the details that put him behind bars.

"I just went in every store that I could to get my silver and goldI just did it just to see how much I could getI wasn't satisfied until I see my riches," said Stewart.

Stewart admitted that he would hold a gun to workers and demand cash at eleven different locations. Some were robbed more than once. Stewart also said the gun was sometimes loaded. "They all just gave me the money politely, and said come back. I said alright," explained Stewart.

Valero's Gas off of north 30th street was one of the businesses hit twice. One employee, Amy Johnson, said," We all thought it was a number of people doing it, not just one person."

Police say all the robberies happened in less than a week.

Stewart said he had several reasons for committing the robberies: to support his 5 children, and to start his business. He said he wants to open a store called "free".

"In my eyes, I think it was a good decision because if I would have never took the chances that I took I would never see my silver and gold," Stewart said.

Police credit finding him because he would wear bright colors during the robberies. "I knew I was going to get caught," said Stewart. "Why should I have to work for somebody else, why should I have to go to work."

Stewart said he does realize he owes the money back.