Man Quits Everything, Aims to Swim 1,000 Miles in Missouri River

Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - He says he can swim 50 meters, therefore he can swim 1,000 miles.

Dave Cornthwaite left his life in London behind to complete a mission - swim 1,000 miles through the Missouri River.

He started on August 10th in Chamberlain, South Dakota.

He has a team with him and get this--none of them have done this before.

Imagine taking that adventure you've always wanted.

Go ahead. Picture it.

Now ask yourself why you haven't gone for it.

"It's amazing what you can achieve with your life if you just say yes more," says Dave Cornthwaite.

Cornthwaite wants to swim 1,000 miles on the Missouri River in 50 days to raise $150,000 for CoppaFeel! --a breast cancer awareness charity.

His job, his apartment, his car--he let all of it go back home in London.

"I wanted to see exactly what I could achieve with my life and my time here. There's an adventure to be had in our kitchen if we go looking for it, but a lot of people don't."

He has a team traveling behind him on stand-up paddle boards.

"We've got a nutritionist, we've got a someone dealing with social media," said Cornthwaite. "We've got communications; we've got someone filming."

So far they've traveled 350 miles with small duffle bags filled with food, water and other essentials.

Thursday they're resting at Dodge Park.

"It takes a lot of guts, I mean considering they're from somewhere else I believe," says Howard Mosley who was visiting the lake when he saw Cornthwaite swimming.

Everyone on the team gave up responsibilities many people consider necessities because they say they have everything they need to survive on their journey.

"I can get all those things again if I want them. It's not a big deal," says one of the team members, Vanessa Knight. "What I can't do is get 50 years down the line and think 'gosh you know what I should have used my time better when I was younger'."

None of them have ever done this before--in fact no one trained for it.

They believe strength comes from a strong mindset and that everyone can achieve what they want by letting go of their fears, worries and their materials.

"I had a brilliant collection of DVDs and I had a big screen TV to show for it; but I'd rather get to be an old man and look back at a lifetime full of memories and adventures than just a lifetime full of stuff."

Cornthwaite and his team are aiming to get to their destination at St. Louis, Missouri on October 5th.

So far Swim1000, which is their organization's name, has raised $10,000.