Students Remember Millard West Teacher Killed in Crash

OMAHA (KPTM)-Studentsand teachers at Millard West High School are mourning the loss of one of theirown.

Former teacher and current athletic trainer,56-year-old James Johnston was hit and killed while riding his bicycle Thursday near 260th and Center. Johnstonspent more than 30 years inspiring kids in the district. Students who haveknown him for just a few years say he will be tough to forget.

Maggie McCoy found out that her athletictrainer and former teacher was gone when she showed up for practice onThursday. She said coach J loved doing what he loved.

"Whenhe would go to get my ankle tape he would tell me how many miles he biked thatday and it was always a lot. He was really good at biking." McCoy said Johnston was really good atteaching too. He taught her about science and how tolaugh at herself. But the smiles are replaced with tearyeyes and a somber tone as students remember a teacher and friend

"He always knew what to do andlightened everyone's day."

Policesaid they are still investigating the cause of the crash and haven't ruled outcharges against the driver that hit Johnston.

Crisiscounselors will be available for students who might need to talk.