Man Owes Thousands in Taxes After Identity Stolen

Curt Casper

OMAHA(KPTM) - Tony Cosentino knows what it is like to have life in the limelight. The former minor league baseball catcher didn't think he would ever have to deal with his identity being stolen.

As a graduating senior, Cosentino was a 10th round draft pick. He played for a couple of years in the minors but a back injury limited his chances of making it to the big league.

"I wasn't good enough, I failed at that and here I am trying to make it in the world," he said.

A few weeks ago, he found out that his identity had been stolen.

It started when the IRS told him he would not be getting his 2012 refund until he paid the $23,000 on unpaid taxes.

"My taxes have been being tampered with since I started getting paid," he said.

Extensions were filed in the late 1990's in his name and the IRS told him there was a job in 2006 where he was paid $42,000. The problem, he never worked for the company. He says he had just retired from baseball and the only job he had was coaching a youth baseball team for three months. There was also an additional income in 2009 in which he tells Fox 42 News he didn't earn.

Cosentino has filed a police report with the Omaha Police Department and he hopes the IRS' investigation shows his identity was stolen and he can get his refund back.

"To get my refund and find out that did this, I want to know who did this," he said.

The IRS does have a few tips on how to avoid tax identity theft