Man Sexually Assaults Dozens of Boys, Sentenced to Life

Meghan McRoberts


After admitting to sexually assaulting more than 20 boys in the span of 30 years, 62- year old Daniel Mangiameli will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A judge sentenced Mangiameli Monday to a minimum of 195 years in prison with a maximum of more than 300 years. Prosecutors say Mangiameli is guilty of assaulting nearly 40 boys, though not all have been confirmed.

"This guy is the epitome of a child predator," said Deputy County Attorney Brenda Beadle.

Through the statute of limitations, Mangiameli was only sentenced for the assaults of four boys. He was also sentenced for the human trafficking of a minor for sexual activity, and the visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct.

Beadle says she thinks the sentencing gives justice to more than just the four victims. "For all the victims, charged and uncharged, we're very pleased," said Beadle.

During the investigation, law enforcement found a storage locker in Iowa where Mangiameli stored boxes of inappropriate photos and videos, many depicting Mangiameli engaging in sexual activity with the boys. Investigators used the photos to identify dozens of victims.

Beadle said he started "grooming" some of the boys when they were as young as 7- years-old. Mangiameli admitted he made contact with many of the boys through his lawn care business. He would give them money, gifts and a job. "Whether they were lacking a parent, a parent that's not around as often, that's what they prey upon. That's exactly what Dan Mangiameli preyed upon," said Beadle. In a statement to the judge, Mangiameli admitted to making a "pact with the devil 35 years ago to have all of the boys he wanted." He continued, "The demon in my life is no longer." The judge responded that now he'll make a lifelong pact with the judicial system. In court, the judge said it was "chilling and disturbing" to read through the whole list of the victims' names. After reading a long list of victim names, Mangiameli concluded, "It will be an honor to serve time in prison for them."

According to Mangiameli, many of his victims are now in their 30s, have families and some have served in the military.