Man Shot and Killed in Small Town Iowa

Maureen Wurtz

Dow City, Iowa (KPTM)- Authorities arrested a man for a deadly shooting in Iowa Saturday.

Crawford County deputies said 28-year-old Brenton Wingrove shot and killed 29-year-old Adam Lary early Saturday morning.

According to court documents, the two got into an argument at a local bar. Later, deputies say, Wingrove shot at Lary's truck while he was inside. Lary was found dead around 2:30 am.

Dow City is a quiet town, where the loudest sound comes from the railroad tracks. "I was really shocked because I never expected anything like this to happen in our home town," said Billy Holligner.

"We heard a series of gun shots, and we looked at each other in shock," said Josh Reetz.

Reetz and Holligner said they were hanging out early Saturday morning. They said they heard multiple gun shots down the street.

They pointed out the orange spray paint on the street. Numbers one through fifteen marked out all the shell casings. The spot is just thirty seconds away from their houses. It's the spot where deputies said Wingrove shot at Lary's car.

"I looked at Josh, and said, dude, that was gunshots," remembered Holligner.

Sheriff's said early that night, the two men got into an argument at a local bar.

"It happened so quick," said Hollinger. "We just took off running down there to help the person that had been shot."

Hollinger and Reetz said they heard gun shots and saw a car speed down the street.

Reetz said he thought the car was going to turn onto the highway. Instead, it crashed into a garage. "It hit the garage and that's kind of when we knew stuff was getting real."

The two friends, along with others, ran to the house. They said Lary was inside the vehicle and they pulled him out. "(I) busted the window because we didn't want him to die from Carbon monoxide poisoning," said Ismael Corona.

According to court documents, Wingrove called 9-1-1 and said "I shot my pistol at a car and it swerved." When police arrived, they found Lary's car and Wingrove nearby.

"I asked him if he knew what happened," remembered Reetz. "He told me that he had shot him."

Sheriffs said Lary was hit once in the torso, that's how he died.

"It's almost like a dream right now," said Hollinger. "We've never seen nothing like that."

Hollinger, hoping, that things will stay quiet from now on.

Wingrove will be in court 9 am Monday morning.