Man Shot Fights For Life-Friend and Shooter Out on Bond

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM) - It started out as an argument between friendsand it ended up with one fighting for his life.

Police say 22-Year-Old Michael Overgaard shot his friendPaul Gordon during an argument early Saturday. He was arrested for felony 1st-degreeassault. Monday, prosecutors lowered his charge and he bonded out.

Family of Gordon, like Brandy and Nick Gordon tell Fox 42News he shouldn't be out on the streets while their bother is fighting for hislife.

"I do want to know what was going through his head, how hecould think to shoot his best friend," Becky Gordon said.

Paul Gordon and Overgaard have been friends for years, thetwo got into a fight early Saturday. It started when the two were ruff housingaround.

"He was like, I'm getting my gun-I'm getting my gun andPaul's like I'm leaving," she said, "Mike had pushed him and Paul had went totake his hoodie off, and when Paul's hoodie was over his head, that's when thetrigger was pulled."

"They were just going to fight, all of a sudden I hear a gunshot and everybody's ears started ringing," Nick Gordon said, "nobody seen himpick it up or nothing it just happened that fast."

Overgaard wasn't home when Fox 42 News stopped by Tuesdayafternoon. He's been out on a $5,000 bond. Fox 42 News did speak with hismother and she said her son did know the gun was loaded and he thought thesafety was on.

A Douglas County Prosecutor says Overgaard's chargeswere lowered because the office hasn't seen Gordon's medical records as ofTuesday afternoon. His charges could be bumped up depending on the medicalevidence.