Man Trapped at Bottom of A Ditch: Farmer Finally Saves Him

Council Bluffs (KPTM)- He was trapped at the bottom of a ditch off I-29 North for 14 hours. He couldn't move. He had two broken legs, two broken arms and broken cheek that needed surgery to repair.

"We searched every for him,"said Mark Ranney of Red Oak Iowa. He is Tom Anderson's best friend.

"It's been that way for twenty years. We ride a lot together," said Ranney.

But this time he wasn't riding with Tom when a semi ran Anderson's motorcycle off the road early Saturday morning. He went into the ditch and stayed there, helpless for 14 hours.

That's when a farmer who was checking his crops spotted him.

"We are thankful he found him, said Ranney who was designated by Anderson to speak on his behalf.

He needs surgery on one of his two broken legs, both of his broken arms and his cheek, He's lucky to be alive," said Ranney.