Mandatory Evacuation For Fremont County

Clark Young

KPTM (Omaha) - A mandatory evacuation for all areas of Fremont County west of I-29 from North County Line to South County Line are now in effect.

Just a week after the levee broke along the Missouri River, the water has already made its way across I-29 and all the way up against the levee that surrounds Hamburg, IA and now that levee is the only thing that stands between the towns west of I-29 and the river.

Mike Crecelius, Fremont County Emergency Management Coordinator, says that, "these levees area't built to be exposed to this amount of water for this amount of time, and in my personal opinion after looking at them and seeing what's happening south of us, there's a good possibility that some of our levees on the west side of the county, the river could come across the top of them."

The Army core of engineers is opening Gavins Point Dam to 160,000 cfs starting tomorrow, and according to Crecelius the Core of Engineer's worse case scenario if the levee breaks and the water gets out, there could be anywhere from two to ten feet of water from Bluff Road to the river.

Right now the communities that are in the mandatory evacuation zone are McPaul, Bartlett, Percival, and Hamburg, IA. But Crecelius fears that with the Core of Engineers releasing more water, more towns could be joining that list very soon.