Many Take Advantage Of Impromptu Spring Day

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- With weather like Tuesday's, many people said they could help but to get outdoors. Probably more bike riders and joggers were out than ever have during the month of February. That's all thanks to the unusual warm weather.

Raymond Calkins, store manager at eCreamery, said business was busy majority of the day.

"Today was series of wild rushes. People were coming out of the woodworks, everybody's woken up from hibernation and now they're coming out to get ice cream," said Calkins.

Ice cream wasn't the only thing people came out of hibernation for. Many took their skills to the golf course, and for some, it's been a while since they've been back on the green.

"Last time we golfed was the last time I shaved. So it's been a little bit. So I'll be able to shave tomorrow," said Bob Kapoun while golfing at Elmwood Golf Course.

A nice shave, a swing of the golf clubs and scoop of ice cream is the fix many say they needed to revive them from the bitter cold.

"These last couple days have been really beautiful and I think we're seeing the beginnings of spring. So, hopefully that means summers around the bend and we can really get a party started here," said Calkins.