Masked Man Shoots Deli Employee

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - The employee of an Omaha deli is recovering after being shot in the leg by a gunman.

Late Wednesday evening police say an armed man walked into the Star Deli in Benson.

He told everyone to get on the ground, but the employee's gut reaction was to flee and he ran for the door. The masked man shot him as he exited. Those working in the area worry for their safety, "it's scary, I hope it doesn't happen to me," Rachel Mulder says.

But it wasn't a typical robbery. Police say the gunman didn't take anything. "Nothing, no money was missing, nothing was taken but ya just one shot at the employee," owner, Jay Muller says.

"It sounds like he might have just been going for that guy instead of the money, so maybe that's the problem," Mulder says.

Police say the gunfire didn't end there. The armed man chased the employee down the street. "He met up with him again, ran into him about a block away in the alleyway and shot at him again," Muller says.

After being shot at he ran down the alley, jumped on top of a dumpster and I climbed a ladder, then waited on a roof until the police arrived. "Your safety is of the up most importance and so every situation is different, every event is different, so whatever you need to do to be able to get through the situation go ahead and do," Omaha Police spokesman, James Shade says.

Muller says the gunshot barely broke the employee's skin. He says he's glad that he'll recover and looks forward to him returning to work. He adds that this incident won't stop him from running his deli. "I mean I'm concerned for obviously his safety and the safety of all my employees working the late night, but things like this happen, it's not going to stop me from doing business."

Police urge anyone with information to come forward.

The Benson business association and star deli are looking into employing a police officer to watch their community. The Benson improvement district is also planning to install emergency phones near the deli.