Mayoral Candidates Speak On Crime

Curt Casper

Omaha (KPTM) - Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle's term is up in a few months. He and other mayoral candidates addressed members of the Metro Omaha Property Owners Association Monday Night.

The six candidates for Mayor of Omaha are gearing up for a primary election in April. Two of the candidates will advance to the election in May.

The six candidates are Mayor Jim Suttle, Dan Welch a former city council member, State Senator Brad Ashford, businessman Dave Nabity, and city council woman Jean Stothert.

Monday night each candidate was given a wide range of topics, one being gang violence and crime rates.

Each candidate said tackling crime is no easy task.

"No, it is not going but it has to be better strategies have to be much larger not only at enforcement and intervention more aggressively," said Ashford

"It's not going to happen in one mayoral term, it is going to take a long time that is the violence there is a symptom of a much broader problem in the Eastern part of the city it has to be tackled and it has to be taken on right now," Welch said.

"The relationship is really bad right now and I want to work really hard to bring the relationship to where it needs to be so the community is communicating well with law enforcement and that they have law enforcement people that they trust to work with so that we can get the places that where crimes will occur before they actually occur," Nabity said.

"The biggest factor that contributes to crime is poverty and the biggest factor that contributes to poverty is education or those are issues that we must deal with in the city of Omaha and we have to quite making excuses," Stothert said.

"We know the root of it is back to the poverty. And poverty is with the joblessness and if we can do things to promote people actively engaging employment this is going to have a major impact of social ills of any community," Mayor Suttle said.

The primary election is set for April 2, 2013. The General election is May 14, 2013.