Meet Omaha Mayoral Candidate Brad Ashford

OMAHA (KPTM)- The primary elections are just eight days away.

As campaigns go into crunch time, Fox 42 is bringing you complete coverage of the Omaha Mayoral candidates.

"I believe small business and entrepreneurship are the drivers for Omaha's economy," said Nebraska State Senator and Mayoral candidate, Brad Ashford.

Just last October, Ashford announced he was running for the Mayor of Omaha.

He said, he's been involved in the Omaha community for more than twenty-five years.

He said he spent time working on the Omaha Housing Authority and he is currently finishing his 16th year in the Nebraska legislature.

He said he learned how to work with other people while working at his family's clothing store. "I don't think politics or government is a whole lot different than that," said Ashford.

He said it didn't matter who he was working for, customers or constituents, he always made a difference in Omaha. He said he was on the committee that brought the CenturyLink center to Omaha. "The ground breaking, the actual spot where the ground breaking occurred was the actual spot where the first UP (Union Pacific) railroad was," remembered Ashford.

Ashford said he would focus on bringing more business to the riverfront if elected mayor. "I think we need to reconnect those with transportation and other assets that we need to bring to the river front," said Ashford.

Ashford said he also wants to merge city and county services. "There would be a reduction of the duplication of services," said Ashford.

Ashford said he also wants to get rid of the restaurant tax and create a broader, and lower, sales tax. "As economic activity in the city increases, those broad based sales taxes would generate more money," said Ashford.

He said Omaha is facing some big challenges, including crime on the streets and the sewer overhaul. "With the sewer fees, the water fees will have to go up. (We'll need to ) find a way to help defray those costs."

Ashford said the future may have its challenges, but there is one way people can make sure they have a say in it. "People just need to vote, no matter who they vote for," said Ashford.

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