Military Family Continues to Battle Over Mold In Base-Housing

BELLEVUE, NE (KPTM)- Fox 42 first told you about a military family's battle to get out of their base-housing lease last week. Because their home has mold that is making all six people in the family sick, they want to get out of their lease.An Air Force Staff Sergeant, his wife and all four of their kids are fed up. But they say the company paid that manages the housing won't do anything about it and the military is no help.Five days later, the situation is still not resolved. The Rosemeyers have moved into a hotel. They say they have no choice when it comes to their sick kids. "Four kids without all their stuff. It's chaos," said Sara Rosemeyer, who said she has done everything the leasing company has told her to do, but to no avail. It will not let them out of their lease. The family is now using money they received from a "Go Fund Me" account to pay for the hotel."Sadie here comes with all her baby stuff and the room is chuck full of pack and plays and a crib and toys," said Rosemeyer.It's all in an effort to keep her kids healthy. All four of her children have been constantly sick in their base housing duplex.Doctors tell her it's likely from visible mold inside the home resulting in skin irritations, coughing, sinus infections and bouts with bronchitis. It's only been three days in the hotel, but already they are feeling better."Layla's nose has cleared up, Liam isn't coughing, his nebulizer treatments are better, he has yet to have breakouts on his skin," said Rosemeyer.Baby Sadie, who is four months old, is not waking up every morning with puffy, crusted over eyes anymore. That was the case for the past four months. The family's allergist knew they would feel better if they took his advice."He said whatever is inside the house is making us all sick. His recommendation was to move out immediately," said RosemeyerBase housing suggested that all six people in the home were allergic to something and that's why they were sick. The Rosemyers all got tested for allergies to dispel that theory."The kids don't have any allergies and it's consistent through the whole house and everybody is having the same sickness," said RosemeyerThe sicknesses include sinus infections, bronchitis and rashes. They got the house tested for mold at their own expense. Four different kinds of molds were confirmed by the lab. The results came back in detail."they are all related to pulmonary distress and dermatitis and that would explain why the kids are breaking out in rashes and why they are having the coughing spasms," said Rosemeyer.The response from Rising View, the base housing leasing company , to Fox 42 News is as follows;"To respect the privacy of our residents, we have no comment."The Rosemeyers want to get out of their lease, but rising view will not allow it Since the Fox 42 story first aired the Rosemyers have received about 600 dollars from a "Go Fund Me" account. Social Media has been mostly kind to the family, but one or two comments bothered Sara Rosemeyer."I think it's wrong to judge us. If you have kids and they are sick, you will do whatever it takes to take care of them."Since the original story aired last week, the Rosemeyers tell fox 42 two more families who live at base housing have come forward saying their kids are sick because of mold as well.If you would like to contribute to the Rosemeyer's effort, you can go to