Honoring Berlin veterans

The memorial took place on May 23.

Almost 130 veterans and family members gathered at Fort Atkinson in Fort Calhoun last month.

They were there for an annual gathering of veterans from across the US who served in Berlin from World War II until the Berlin Wall came down 1989.

Each year, they gather at a different location in the US to swap stories of their time in Germany.

This service is in memory of those who have passed away since the group met last year.

“To see people come in and hug yesterday at registration they haven't seen each other for and some haven’t seen each other since they served together and with some you could be talking about 1952,” said veteran Vern Gibson.

The group will get a tour of the SAC Airbase and the SAC Museum during their stay in Omaha.

The association these vets belong to makes a trip to Berlin every four years.

They are due to make the trip across the pond again next year.

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