Millard Public Schools Proposing To Beef Up Security

OMAHA (kptm) - The Millard School District is considering beefing up their security. Last year the proposal was voted against, but at their board meeting last night they discussed a smaller bond issue that will likely go on the ballot in April.

Parent Sue Dempsey says that's what she wants. "I think the added security's a great idea."

Parents at Central Middle School say they want more security for their children, especially after the deadly shootings in Newtown Connecticut. "I'm sure the people of Sandy Hook would take anything back to protect their children so I think we need to do what it takes," parent Stephanie Grebe says.

The previous bond issue of 140 million dollars failed. That was including 23 million towards security, but this year the Millard Public School District is proposing a smaller amount. 70 million and several million of that is towards safety measures that would include installing walls to close off open classrooms, buzzer systems and automatic locks. " I think if you go back to 9-11 and think about the pilots and having the doors locked, I think that was a great move," Dempsey says.

"I think more police presence definitely needs to be in place. I think I wouldn't mind police presence at the door, I wouldn't mind security systems, ya know, sensors going off if children had guns," Grebe says.

The idea of bringing additional security to the Millard Public Schools was originally introduced after the Millard South shooting, however the proposed 23 million dollars was voted against, but this time around parents say they'll definitely vote for it. "I think that the more securitythe better everybody is," Dempsey says.

Grandparent Frank Possinger thinks it'll pass. "I think it'll probably go through. They should ya know as long as they don't throw a whole lot of other stuff in there such as new turf for a football field, I mean, that's what killed it last time," Possinger says.

"For the safety of our children, I think that we can cut funds elsewhere. Things possibly that aren't needed as much as the safety so I think they should do it, I do," Grebe says.

The board hopes to have the bond proposal on the general election ballot in April.