Mixed Martial Arts Star Has Slain Sister on His Mind


OMAHA (KPTM)- Omaha's Ryan Roberts will fight for three reasons.

One, for a Victory Fighting Championship belt.

Another for his place in history.

And the most important reason, his sister who was murdered this summer in Omaha.

"It's been very difficult. There are certain things. I'll be driving and a certain song will come on and man, you get emotional," said Roberts as he addressed his sister, Andrea Kruger, and her death.

"She was extremely supportive of my career. I don't hear much when I'm in the cage, including my coaches sometimes, but I always heard Andrea's voice," said Roberts.

Roberts is not sure what to think of Nikko Jenkins, the man Omaha Police believe killed his sister.

"Nikko, I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for that whole family. People with that mentality to go and do that. They take the easy way out. That's what he's done his whole life," said and emotional Roberts.

He will fight L.C. Davis, who is the Victory Fighting Championship's Bantam Weight champion.

If Roberts wins his Saturday night fight at the Ralston Arena, he will be the new Bantam Weight Champ. It is a title bout.

Roberts is the current Featherweight title holder. A win Saturday will make him the first Victory fighter to hold two belts at one time.