Month of September Can Trigger Asthma

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - Your kids probably spent the summer playing outside and that means they were probably around plenty of ragweed, bugs and irritants that produce pollen and trigger asthma and allergy attacks.

Despite people heading back in doors for school, health officials said it is too soon to let down your guard against asthma and allergies.

Mid-September about 17 days after Labor Day can be the peak for asthma hospitalizations. Doctors said mainly because people go from being outdoors for a period of time, then go back to being inside.

The body becomes immune to pollen, grass and other outside irritants, but not dust, chalk, aerosols and other irritants that are inside.

The common cold can also cause difficulty breathing as well as exposure to allergens, infections, mice and cockroaches.

Health officials suggest talking to your family physician if you or your child is experiencing difficulty breathing.

It is also suggested to take a shower at the beginning and end of the day to wash off any irritants that may trigger asthma.