More Pre-Paid Choices Can Make Cell Service Cheaper for Some

OMAHA(KPTM)- At Best Buy's Mobile store in Oak View Mall, customers have more choices than ever,The newest pre-paid cell phones have more functions and increased competition makes them customizable for customers who don't want to commit to a contract.

Now, shoppers are able to buy phones that best suit their needs. "Your cheapest option right now is Zact Mobile if you want to pay per text, per minute, per data usage. Otherwise if you just want a monthly rate, you're probably looking at Virgin Mobile. They're gonna cost you about thirty five dollars a month," said Manager Riley Meyer.

The catch, non-standard carriers don't have priority over cell phone towers. "You might see more dropped calls here and there but from what we've seen with the tower updates we've been doing to 4G LTE, you really won't see dropped calls, or missed calls, or texts," said Meyer who says the quality of service for all of the different carriers including pre-paid's is on the rise making it much easier for customers to get exactly what they want in a service provider.