Mother Whose Daughter Was Killed Speaks Out

Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - She was devastated, but pulled enough strength to speak out on Monday in regards to her daughter's killing. She wants everyone to hear her message.

Delgracious Smith's 18-year-old daughter Tre'Veona was shot to death Sunday morning. So far, this is the only information police have given Smith. She is searching for more answers.

"They just up and just took my child's life. My kid. That's my baby. That's something I carried and it just hurts so bad," Smith said in her living room.

It was a statement Smith said over and over.

"Her baby." "Gone." "Just like that."

"Why can't they never find the killers that kill somebody and take their life? Why can't they do it?"

For Tre'Veona's death, Smith wants justice.

"They're going to pay for it. And I'm not going to put my hands on them, but I'm going to let God take care of them."

She was talking about whoever pulled the trigger Sunday morning.

"Automatically a bullet comes through the window and shot my baby? And she's just automatically gone?"

Delgracious said she usually dropped both her kids off at their grandmother's house on 42nd and Browne streets. She said Tre'Veona was asleep inside when she was shot

"I should have just kept them closer because I was just trying to be my kids' shield. I tried to protect my kids," Smith said.

Smith said she wasn't allowed in the hospital to see Tre'Veona before she died. Neither was she able to see her body Monday.

"I can't fuss at her. I can't say 'Tre-Veona!' I can't say 'Tre'Veona it's time for school, Tre'Veona don't be late for school!' I can't do none of that anymore."

Another issue she said is her son--Tre'Veona's 15-year-old brother Montureous. He can't sleep. He can't bring himself to come home. It's a feeling she shares, but can't show.

"I'm going to be a strong individual woman like my momma and my grandmother and my auntie taught me to be. That's all I can be."

Smith's boyfriend Pierre Hodges said they have a funeral fund set up at Wellsfargo account where people can donate under the name "Tre'Veona Smith".