Motorcycle Awareness

OMAHA (kptm) - Spring-like temperatures have bikers hitting the streets and whether you're looking to buy a motorcycle or just sharing the road with one, there's a few tips pros want you to know.

Tabitha Nenninger bought a bike yesterday so she could go for rides with her husband, but before she could hit the road, she had to pass the test. "I sat on it but I couldn't ride it so that's the hard thing about buying before you take the class is that you can't actually ride the bike yourself and so I won't know what it's going to feel like to ride it," Nenninger says.

In the state of Nebraska you can buy a bike before your licensed however Riders Edge instructor, David Halen recommends you take the class first, that way you know what you're getting into. "You'll learn a lot of things you probably didn't even think you needed to know. We even have courses for experienced riders and most of them may be reluctant to take it at first once they've taken the class they're actually surprised what they've learned," Halen says.

And while learning the rules of the road is an important step for beginning bikers, motorcycle safety is also something other drivers should be aware of. "Well of course we're coming out of the winter, as late as it was, motorcycles are not necessarily in your mind or in your eye so we always tell people you know look a second time, watch for us," Halen says.

He says the best advice for other drivers who share the road with motorcycles is to be aware of your surroundings and always double check your mirrors before you change lanes. New motorcycle driver, Jeanie Johnson says, "slow down and be aware of your blind spots even though we're taught to not be in those blind sports, in some traffic, it's difficult, so just be aware of riders out there especially during the time of year that they're on the roads more."

Riders Edge classes are filling up fast. If you would like to register, visit and click on the Learn To Ride Tab in the upper left corner.