Nebraska City Man Warns of Phone Scam

Nebraska City(KPTM)-A new scheme has scammers claiming to be calling about your computer, to get your info and steal your cash. A Nebraska City man says he's been getting a lot of calls lately from a person claiming to be with Microsoft and offering to repair a computer problem for a price.

Tim Morgan is visually impaired, so checking his Caller I.D. means listening to a voice that tells him who is on the other end of the phone, but lately he's been getting a lot of calls from a number he doesn't recognize. Morgan says he's gotten about nine calls over the past 24 hours from a number with the prefix (940).

Morgan says the caller claims to be from Microsoft, asking him for access to his personal computer. "When they called, they said: 'This is a courtesy, free call. Can you step in front of your computer and go to a certain website so we can remotely access your computer'?'" said Morgan who called the question a red flag, because he says Microsoft would already have the information the caller claimed he needed.

Then, Morgan said, the caller asked him for money "They say your computer's at high risk and we could continue with this for $120". Morgan says when the caller asked how he was going to pay up that's when he says he hung up and called the phone company to check out the number on his caller I.D.

Morgan said once he verified the calls weren't legit, he's been warning his friends, family, even calling Fox 42 to get out the word that the same thieves could target you. "Alert the media, alert the police because that's highly fraudulent," said Morgan of the calls.