Nebraska Humane Society Warns of Bat Infestations

Omaha(KPTM)-Mark Langan says the third week of August is typically when the Nebraska Humane Society gets many reports of bats and this year's no different. "We fielded about a hundred calls in the past week, which is a very high number," said Langan, who says the weather makes bats want to move indoors to shield themselves from the heat which is why residents need to "bat-proof" their homes.

Langan says bat-proofing starts with closing spaces as small as a quarter of an inch to keep out the critters. That includes doors, windows and chimneys. And bats can be more than just pesky. "Bats are rabies carriers so if you suspect you might have had contact with a bat, if you wake up in the morning and there is a bat in your room, you might not know if the bat had bitten you or if there is a saliva transfer with the bat," said Langan.

Although Langan says rabies is rare, he advises folks not to take chances. If you do find a bat in your home, he says trap it but don't touch it or try to remove it yourself. The Nebraska Humane society has workers available to come out and remove the bat or bats for your safely. You can reach them at 702-444-7800 extension 1.