Nebraska Sports Bill Aims To Level High School Playing Field

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - A new measure under consideration in the Nebraska legislature would require high school sports teams too successful in their class to move up.

Legislative Bill 1081 would place varsity teams in a certain class based on success and not enrollment. If it gets the green light, that means schools who continuously win state championships would get shuffled around.

"I'm not sure the proposal has been really well thought out yet," said Rob Meyers, the principal at Skutt Catholic in Omaha. "It seems like it penalizes programs and teams unfairly for being successful."

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Russ Karpisek, says he wants to cut down on unfair advantages. The argument boils down to recruiting and attracting the best athletes.

"I know our activities and athletic director talked to a lot of different people and I don't hear a whole lot of support for this amongst the other schools," said Meyers.

Some successful programs are also wondering tonight if this bill is geared too much towards private schools. Opponents of the measure believe if a change is ever made it should happen through the Nebraska School Activities Association and not state law.