Neighborhood: No Plows Even After Reporting Need to City

Nicole Ebat

OMAHA(KPTM)--Plows were back out on the road Thursday morning to tackle the latest winter flurries.

But plenty of neighborhoods are still waiting for clear streets after the region's first big storm last week.

In a news conference the mayor asked the public to report their streets.

"If you are having trouble on a particular street use your app on the cell phone, that's why we put it there. Take a photo or whatever, send it in to us. That's a way to get it in to a work order very quickly," said Mayor Jim Suttle.

People can also call the Mayor's hotline at 402-444-5555 or report a street that needs plowing on the city's web site.

But several people in the area near 78th and Himebaugh Avenues said they did that and their streets are still caked in ice and slush.

"It's treacherous," said Tim Sprakel. "Even now, it feels like there's potholes everywhere because there's ice and it's slippery and it's hard to get to work."

It's particularly difficult for many on the street since they have to go up or down a steep hill no matter which direction they go.

"I'm disappointed in the condition of the streets, I think they can do a lot better and they have in the past," said Harold Phillips.

Scott McIntyre, the city's street maintenance engineer said he couldn't comment on the particular neighborhood without looking into it further, but he said it is possible the plows will need to visit some streets multiple times to get them all cleared up.

"It's been an ongoing operation and just because of the temperatures and the conditions that we're facing it's necessary to go out and monitor these residential areas and treat the slick spots, treat the snow packed that's out there and we've gonna continue to do that on a daily basis until we get some relief," he said.

Relief is definitely something those living on Himebaugh Avenue are looking forward to.

"I just think they should come out more, we do pay taxes," said Sprakel.