Neighbors Worry After Deadly Shooting

OMAHA (kptm) - A man dies from a gunshot wound at an apartment complex near 83rd and Underwood and police say they have no suspect information. 23-year-old Jer'ray Moore was found outside of Apple Valley apartments. An ambulance took him to CUMC where he was later pronounced dead. It's the second homicide in the area and residents say they worry for their safety.

On the other side of Erin Fulton's fence is a reminder of a deadly shootingthe remains of police tape flap in the wind. "It's just sad that somebody you know laid over there and died and nobody seems to know who he was or what happened," Fulton says.

Police say 23-year-old Jer'ray Moore was found lying in front of his apartment building with a gunshot wound. He later died at the hospital and police say they are still searching for the shooter. Neighbor Lynn Johnson says, "it just scares me to death for the young people in our community and all over, they're growing up in a real hard time."

Just over two years ago, 25 year old Randall Grimm was shot and killed in the Peony Park HyVee. Now a 23-year-old man is dead and residents in the area worry their neighborhood may not be as safe as it used to be. "It's too young. We have three children that live here and I couldn't imagine, we were talking about that today, that makes it scary for us to be in our backyard, what if they missed," Fulton says.

Fulton and her family moved to the old Peony Park area because they knew it was safe, but she says lately the neighborhood has gone downhill and says the residents living in the nearby apartment complex jump her fence and taunt her pets. "I'm tired of them walking right by my fence they come around the corner, they stand right at that green box and they tease my dogs."

She says she's tried talking with them to put a stop to it but says they blew her off. Now she worries for her children's safety. "You know I'm not sure what we can do, I'm not sure what we can do. Bullets don't have names and it's a scary feeling," she says.

An emotion neighbor's share, since the suspect still on the loose.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Omaha Police Homicide unit at 402-444-5652. If you need to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 444-stop.